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Our common commitments

The members, licensees and resident makers of Edinburgh Open Workshop (EOW) share a common commitment through this statement of ethical practices to promote the highest possible standards of professional and social conduct.

All users of EOW undertake the following

  • To abide by all applicable laws, codes and regulations, and protect other members, associates, affiliates and the public against fraud and unfair trade practices.
  • To maintain a high level of safety for all products and services, and support the development of industry standards and safe practices.
  • To provide and actively maintain a safe working environment.
  • To present or supply products and services honestly without misrepresentation.
  • To respect all intellectual property rights.
  • To provide fair and responsive service to customers before, during and after all business transactions.
  • To refrain from discriminatory practices.
  • To share knowledge, expertise and skills to advance the creative industry and public understanding of the role of the open workshop.
  • To respect the confidentiality of other members, customers, associates and affiliates.
  • To recognise the rights of others to compete for business in accordance with applicable law.
  • To make full and frank disclosure to customers of all material terms of any agreement with them.
  • To comply with all lawful contractual obligations.
  • To support the EOW by taking an active role in EOW activities and promoting the EOW to the industry.

Good conduct and ethical behaviour

This Code of Conduct is a guideline and does not represent the entire scope of good conduct and ethical behaviour. Acceptance of and adherence to this Code is a condition of membership, residence or tenancy.

When processing your application, we will take a note of the date on which the membership, residency or tenancy began, your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information may be kept for up to six years after you cease to be a member but will be stored and disposed of as the data protection act dictates.

The board may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person to membership, representative membership, residency or tenancy.

Any behaviour deemed unreasonable by the company may result in a contract licence or agreement being revoked with immediate effect.

Membership, residency or tenancy of the organisation is non-transferable.