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Whether it’s helping cut material in preparation for your job, running a digital cutting service, or completing a full custom commission – EOW is here to help complete your project in less time, with less hassle.

If you have any questions feel free to send a message to [email protected] or give us a shout at 0131 555 6866.

Our FB1500 30 Watt CO2 is capable of cutting through up to 10mm Acrylic, 9mm Plywoods, and a host of other materials and fabrics –  you can send us your own file to simply cut, or you can get help creating the files for your custom laser cutting and engraving needs.
Our YetiTool CNC Smartbench can cut and engrave hardwood, softwood, acrylics, thin lightweight metals and more. The bed size is 1220mm X 2440mm, and takes materials up to 100mm thick and up to 100kg.

EOW’s cutting service is a fast and efficient way of getting a head start on your larger project. Simply send us the details, the materials (or choose from some of our offcuts), and then all you have to do is come and collect. We’ll happily look at smaller jobs too, so if it’s thicknessing a plank down, sending something through the bandsaw, working in sheet material or something more obscure – just give us a shout.

Have a project to get done, but no time to do it? EOW is here to help! Simply fill out the request form below and we will provide either with a quote and a turnaround time for your project – or point you towards one of our resident makers.