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Meet Your Maker // Anna Nicoles – ALN Furniture


Meet Your Maker // Anna Nicoles – ALN Furniture

What started your journey into woodwork ? 

I have been creative and interested in ‘Art and Design’ from a young age at school. I made my first piece of furniture, a rocking chair, as my final year A-level project. My teacher brought in his own wood lathe for us to have a go on. Which was my first introduction to woodwork and wood turning. I was hooked working with wood from this point. 

If you could describe your work in three words – what would they be? 

Creative, bespoke furniture 

Who (or what) do you take inspiration from ? 

I take inspiration from the natural world around us and architectural forms.

What project would you like to work on in the future ? 

I would like to build my own eco-friendly workshop and home. 

Which designers inspire your practice ? 

John Makepeace and specifically his Millennium Chair. 

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