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Meet Your Maker // Greg Marr – Glittering Edge


Meet Your Maker // Greg Marr -Glittering Edge

What was your journey into becoming a bladesmith ? 

My journey began when I was still at secondary school.  I had free periods where I was meant to be focussing on school work, but would often be reading up on historical websites. I once stumbled across a site explaining – in great detail – the numerous ways to make (chain)mayle. 

This led me to seek out blacksmithing as my school work experience – however it was incredibly difficult to find something between searching the internet and trawling through the phonebook.  

It wasn’t until my mother said to me “Do you know there is a sword-maker just along the road?”  I hadn’t known this and after approaching Paul Macdonald,  I did get very lucky to be taken on by him for the school work experience week.  This invaluable time solidified the path I needed to be on was to become a swordmaker. 

Several years later, Paul took me on as his apprentice. This is where I met Dan Devoy who I started Glittering Edge with a couple of years later.

I think some of the teachers at school thought I was wasting my time or never thought it would come to anything, so it’s extra satisfying to have forged out my own career path in something so niche and to have followed my passion!

If someone wanted to get a tester for bladesmithing, what would you advise ? 

I’m not really in a position to offer demonstrations as my weekend courses have taken off in popularity – however I am operating a waiting list for 1, 2 and multiple day courses for any level.  

bookings@glitteringedge is the best way to be added to my waiting list.  Outwith myself, there are places like Summerhall and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop that may be more flexible in forge time for someone just wanting to dabble.

If you could work on a ‘dream’ project, what would that look like for you ? 

There are many side projects I have the burning passion to make – however for many years now, the Second Age Elven sword from The Lord of the Rings has been on my list to own (and subsequently make) since the film was released 20 years ago.  There are of course other things on my list, but that’s certainly the longest running one.

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