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Meet Your Maker // MJ – XYZ Cargo UK


Meet Your Maker // MJ – XYZ Cargo UK

What are cargo bikes ? 

The cargo cycle is as old as the safety bicycle.

In general terms, a cargo bike is designed specifically to carry people or things that you cannot fit on a regular bicycle. They come in all shapes and sizes; two wheelers, three-wheelers and 4-wheelers.

Cargo bikes were a popular way to move goods when car ownership was for the well-off only.  If you ask older generations growing up in the 20’s and 30’s, they would know what you were referring to instantly.

The cargo cycle fell out of fashion, like bicycles did post war when car ownership was easier to obtain and we became a car dominated culture.  The cargo cycle has had a renaissance with the advances in electric technology, especially in cities like Edinburgh where the topography of a city posed a challenge.

Right now, the cargo cycle industry is growing year on year with over 60% growth in the market in 2021 including the UK. (C.I.E)

What is unique about XYZ CARGO? 

One of the most unique factors of XYZ CARGO is that began as a project by art and design activists. This versus the standard route of the corporate bicycle industrial complex.

XYZ CARGO was started in Copenhagen in 2011 by Urban Realm Art Collective N55 (in collaboration with Till Wolfer). They decided to use bicycles as a way of addressing aesthetic, ethical, social and environmental issues. They also wanted to work in a very direct way with public space and urban planning.

One of their aims was to develop an alternative small business, based on principles of fair and local production. Meaning that we try to produce as much as possible in a socially sustainable way.

We are producing high quality, extremely durable cargo bikes from materials that last. The bikes can easily be repaired and if needed, they can be reused either as parts for other bikes or recycled as materials at low energy costs.

To keep the costs low and to maximise profits, most brands of bicycle (standard and cargo) are produced in the lowest income areas in the world without any concrete considerations for persons, natural resources or the pollution of the environment. Other than a small handful of UK based manufacturers, your cycle will have travelled half way around the world before it has ever been ridden.

XYZ CARGO can easily compete with bicycles produced in low-income areas around the world. Our bikes cost the same or are cheaper than most large manufacturers who generally put profit over people.

XYZ CARGO UK is part of a network of local producers and distributors in a number of countries which you can find at our website

Also check out for more information on the XYZ spaceframe projects.


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