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Meet Your Maker // Ellen Catherine Jewellery


Meet Your Maker // Ellen Catherine Jewellery

What sparked your journey into jewellery making?

I like working with my hands and being a complete magpie, the sparkle of jewellery appealed! Jewellery holds such sentimental appeal to the wearer, so I like being part of that story.

Who inspires you and why?

I’m very inspired by the function/wearability of jewellery. All my work is very fine, delicate and minimalist. So, it can be worn continuously for any occasion. 

I’ve tried making big pieces, but I’ve learnt they aren’t for me. Why wear one big, when you can stack lots of fine pieces up. 

What jewellery designers (or creatives) do you find energy in and why ? 

I have a wee group of jewellers who are great for design and technical questions, such as Kathyrn Hinton, Elizabeth Jane Campbell and Ashley from Behind Bracken. Other amazing creatives who are great to catch up with coffee and bounce ideas off are Ellie Morag, Morag from Sonny Days, Cat from Treen and Susan from Life Story.

What kind of environment do you like to design new collections in (the hustle of a city, solitude of the hills, comfort of your studio etc) and why? 

Oh man, I work better with my hands than my drawings, so I start with playing around with ideas on the bench and then  sleep on them for a few days. If something is particularly technically difficult, it’s good to walk and think of how to make it work. A lot of the time, new collections are formed out of happy accidents. 

What trend or style do you forecast for next season ?

Pearls! And silver is making a comeback which I’m personally delighted about. 

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

It would be interesting to work with a clothes designer for incorporating different textures.

What materials do you enjoy working with?

18ct Yellow gold. The buttery yellow gold colour and its just smooth lovely metal to work with. 

If someone is interested in jewellery making, where would you suggest a good place to start would be ? 

There are a few workshops in Edinburgh offering classes like Silverhub and Precious Metal Workshop. There are lots of courses available Glasgow Colleges too!

How do people go about purchasing, commissioning and keeping up with you?

My online shop is on, you can find me online at @ellencatherinejewellery and for commissions best to email at [email protected] 

What made you choose EOW as your studio space?

My previous workshop is sadly marked for demolition, so I joined EOW at the start of this year. I really like the community and how welcoming everyone has been. It’s in an amazing area and the short walk home is welcome!


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