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Wrapping up 2021 for the Holidays


Have a Historic-ally good Holiday Season!

It’s December – and we aren’t quite sure how we got here, but glad to have made it considering the year 2021 has been.

The days are getting shorter, and the holidays closer so we thought we would do a final EOW update on the year, as well as give the heads up for our Holiday Closure (aka, the final date to make your last minute gifts).


23 December – 4 January

Tours, Bookings, Courses, and our bright faces all return starting the 5 January!

Since EOW was able to re-open from lockdown in May this year we’ve had a full speed return to work! We’ve welcomed over 80 new members, had 400 PAYG space bookings, completed 38 advance inductions, led 100 free tours, sold out all our woodworking and welding courses, launched a new website and booking system, and had an impressive array of finished projects leave the workshop – whew!

Massive thanks to Firstport Scotland, Creative Scotland, City of Edinburgh Council, the UK Government Kickstart Scheme, and most importantly our FANTASTIC member community who’ve made all of this possible!
Because you spent this year signing up, learning, coming in and making we’ve been able to do some do some pretty great things before Christmas, like:
  • 6 Grants for Funding (received)
  • 5 Fancy New Machines (bought)
  • 4 New Resident Makers (welcomed)
  • 3 Staff Positions (hired)
  • 2 Yeti Tool Features (cool factor boosted)
  • 1 Makers Market (hosted)
    …and a laser cut partridge in a CNC’ed pear tree!
2022 won’t be slowing down – you can look forward to future endeavours like:
  • Metal Area Expansion
  • An EOW Apprenticeship Program (details coming in January!)
  • Laser Training & Cutting Services
  • Tool caddies with your Fabrication Bay Hire
  • EOW Power Tool-up (we are going Christmas shopping)
  • Air Purification Upgrades
  • New Courses & Workshops
  • And so much more…

We are happy with where we’ve been, proud of what we’ve done, and READY for where we are going.

THANKS so much again for being part of this adventure – we can’t wait to get to work with you in 2022, and see what we can all make next together. Until then, enjoy a highlight reel below of some of the beautiful work, and indeed the Makers themselves from the EOW family.

Happy Holidays,

Team EOW

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