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The CNC revolution begins!


The CNC Revolution Begins!

Our YETI CNC Smartbench is now bookable for member use!
After some very necessary and not at all just for fun test runs, we can happily say the CNC can tackle anything; signs, desks, tables, dog portraits, life-size dinosaurs – and we’ve only just begun.
Ready to design your own project? It’s easy to get started!

First, choose the Training or Induction path that’s right for you:

  1. CNC Training Day – £200
    Users with no CNC experience and who need to learn how to use VCARVE Pro must complete our 7 hour training day (09:30 – 16:30). During this session we give you the basics to get you confident in the set up and operation of our Yeti SmartBench. The day is divided into 6 software training modules that highlight the fundamentals of job set up, design, and toolpath creation. After each module, we give you hands-on experience with the machine, working on tool changes, various hold down methods, and running the file you made in the software module. With CNC there is a WORLD of information out there, we can’t cover all that ground – but we’ll set you up to begin your journey of incorporating CNC into your work, hobbies and projects.
  2. CNC Hardware Induction – £50
    Users with CNC Experience or who have their own third party gCode package must complete an hour hardware induction. Here we will give you an induction into the hardware setup of the YETI CNC, we go over tool changes, spindle setup, hold down methods, extraction and discuss the finer points of the machine.
From there, you book the CNC by the Hour (if you aren’t sure how long your project will take, give us a shout and we are happy to give you the best estimate we can).
When you’re ready to book, you’ve got some options:
Supervised Sessions £50 per hour 
Your first 3 sessions must be supervised by an EOW technician. We ask to look over your job file, check speeds and feeds, ramps, plunge rates and discuss your hold down method.
Unsupervised Sessions £40 per hour 
From here on you will have full solo access to the CNC Machine and it’s software for as long or as little time as you need.
Want a little more help, add some extras to your booking!

Job/File Check – £10 per hour
If you still want a hand setting up – we’re here to help.

Book an Operator – £60 per hour
Maximise your time by having an EOW member of staff create your project for you.

Welcome to the new automated future EOW, we can’t wait to C..(NC), you in the workshop.
Sorry, we are just pun-stoppable.

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