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Tortoise in a Nutshell


Tortoise in a Nutshell

Arran Howie & Alex Bird

Theatre, Film, TV, Exhibitions

Tortoise in a Nutshell is a multi-award winning Edinburgh-based visual theatre charity dedicated to creating world-class visual theatre that ignites the imaginations of audiences around the globe.

Our unique blend of puppetry, performance and innovation offers exciting and thought-provoking experiences for audiences of all ages. Through visual language we create poetic and memorable theatre, focused on universal themes and human stories.

We have a track record of advising theatres and companies such as Dundee Rep, Sell A Door and The Lyceum on puppetry and visual theatre within a production. In addition, we deliver educational workshops, outreach projects and professional development opportunities for all ages and levels of engagement.

As a small team of passionate theatre artists and makers, our aim is to bring people together, open up artistic opportunities and defy the expectation of space and language on stage.