Phase 3.5
Limited Opening

  • Open to all existing Resident & PAYG Members

  • Welcoming NEW PAYG Members

  • Tours & Inductions now open for booking

  • PPE and physical distancing compulsory

  • Advance Online Booking & Payment Required

Tours can be booked for new PAYG members starting 21/07/20

Public Access and New Member Access returns in Phase 4

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We are finally able to make a plan – albeit, a flexible one. Detailed below are the Phases of reopening; we ask you remain flexible as we make any necessary adaptions to adhere to all updated Government advice. EOW is currently in PHASE 2 and will remain closed to the general public with the following access/requirements:

  • Residents and BHE/EOW have access to space for essential work 

  • PPE Compulsory – continue to follow physical distancing and hygiene protocols as outlined in Phase 1

  • EOW preparations will be made for Phase 3

  • Reintroduction of scheduled EOW maintenance regimes


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in light of the current and ever-evolving government advice, we have undertaken a risk assessment covering all daily tasks and services unique to our business and combined these with an ‘Operational Code of Best Practise’ specific to COVID-19. Managing risk is a shared responsibility and this document has been written for all users of Edinburgh Open Workshop; our residents, PAYG members, their clients and suppliers, and in line with government guidelines on managing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. It’s vital we all play our part in mitigating that risk.


We are experiencing strange and trying times and it is becoming clearer that this distant style of life is going to be a marathon, not a sprint – that can feel daunting, which is understandable. We want you to know that EOW will be here at the end of it, and we will ready to make sure that you all still have access to the space you need to get back to making as soon as possible. For our members and other makers facing uncertainty at this time, we have gathered some of excellent guides out there to help you prepare for returning to work, and resources for financial guidance and support. 

OPENING HOURS - In the current Phase of COVID


MONDAY        09:00-18:00

TUESDAY         09:00-18:00   

WEDNESDAY  09:00-18:00   

THURSDAY      09:00-18:00

FRIDAY            09:00-18:00




35-37 Assembly Street



0131 555 6866